Beginner Salsa Bootcamp

Are you curious to try a beginner salsa class to see if you like it, without having to sign up for weekly lessons?

The Beginner Salsa Bootcamp is Vancouver’s most popular entry point into salsa for people new to dancing. It’s a fun, beginner-friendly, non-intimidating introductory class, and it’s how many of our students who now regularly attend classes got started.  

The Beginner Salsa Bootcamp is a three-hour introductory workshop held once-a-month on Saturday afternoons. It provides a more intensive and practical learning experience than a typical drop-in beginner lesson and many people who register for weekly classes start off with this introductory salsa workshop to try salsa dancing and see if it’s something they enjoy.

The next Beginner Salsa Bootcamp is Saturday April 13 (2pm-5pm)



Curious what the bootcamp is like? Check out this video:

If you’re an absolute beginner and want to learn how to dance salsa.
• If you think you have two left feet.
• If you want to try a one-day salsa lesson to see if you like it.

Then the Beginner Salsa Bootcamp is perfect for you! Learn to dance salsa in three hours!

These fun but intensive bootcamps have been designed to teach you the basics of salsa in a fun and easy-to-understand way and get you dancing in just three hours! Beginner-friendly, fun, social, and no dance experience necessary. No partner necessary, it doesn’t matter if you come on your own or as a couple.

All of the bootcamp instructors teach weekly beginner classes at our studios, so it’s a great opportunity for people new to salsa to try an introductory lesson with a few different instructors, experience their different teaching methods, see if it’s something you enjoy and would like to do more of in the future.

The Bootcamp consists of three hours of fun and intensive training (2pm-5pm) covering some of the fundamentals of salsa dancing, including the basics steps, turns and cross-body leads. Registration begins at 1:45am, and the first session starts at 2pm. The Bootcamp runs until 5pm with a few minutes break between sessions.

No, many bootcamp students come on their own without a partner. During the workshop the instructors have students change partners, so you always have someone to dance with! But couples who wish to stay together and only dance with each other are welcome to not change partners.

EARLY BIRD Discounted Registration
Register in advance for reduced pricing: $40 for individuals or $75 for a couple. Advance registrations may be made in person or, for your convenience, online with PayPal or credit card (you don’t need a PayPal account to pay by credit card).





Early Bird Rate Register in advance to reserve your place:
$40 for individuals or $75 for a couple (lead & follow, see below)

Regular Rate On the day of the bootcamp:
$45 for individuals or $80 for a couple (lead & follow, see below)

Lead or Follow? In partner dances, Lead and Follow are designations for the two dancers comprising a dance couple. The Lead is usually responsible for guiding the couple and initiating transitions to different dance steps. Traditionally in the dance world a Lead is typically male and a Follow is typically female. But many social dance forms have a long history of same-sex and role-crossing partnerships.  In our dance classes, participants are welcome to choose the Lead or Follow role that suits them best and we also welcome same-sex couples.

Please register using the form below. After we receive your registration we’ll reply with a confirmation email which includes payment options.

Register for Beginner Salsa Bootcamp, Saturday April 13, 2pm-5pm

We offer two payment options for your convenience:

Option 1, Credit Card: You can pay online by credit card through our online store (no service fee)

Option 2, Interac eTransfer: If you prefer to pay by Interac eTransfer, please send payment to The amount is $40 for one person (Lead or Follow) and $75 for a couple.



Cancellation/Refund Policy: If you’ve registered but aren’t able to attend, that’s no problem. Just let us know in advance before the Bootcamp starts and we’re happy to transfer your registration to the next Bootcamp date, apply it as credit to other classes, or issue you a refund.   If you register but don’t attend on the day and don’t let us know in advance that you’re not attending, we’re happy to transfer your registration to the next Bootcamp date or apply it as credit to other classes.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the Beginner Salsa Bootcamp or other dance classes, email: