Bellydance with Carla Naar

MONDAYS (Weekly classes) 8:15pm-9:45pm March 5 – April 9
Cost: $120 (6-week session) – now with expanded 90 minute classes
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Bellydance is a fun and exciting dance characterized by intricate hip work, fluid serpentine movements and sharp accents. It is also a whole body workout with emphasis on core strength, flexibility and balance. Great focus is given to movement fluidity, musicality and posture during classes. Since it’s a low impact exercise and it is based on movements that are natural to our bodies, it’s open to everyone no matter what age, body shape or fitness level. Bellydance is a great form of stress reduction and improves body confidence and self-esteem. Discover a new level of connection with your body while working muscles you didn’t even know you had! You may just find out this art form is much more exciting than you ever thought!

Carla Naar’s love for dancing started at the young age of five, when she took her first ballet classes. In 2002 she discovered Bellydance and fell completely in love with this beautiful art form. Known for her radiating stage presence, Carla has been described as energetic, creative, classic and refined. A multi award winning dancer, Carla loves to learn and never misses an opportunity to study with great dance masters. Since 2009 she has been traveling frequently to Egypt to experience the dance in its native form and to learn more about the culture. In 2016 she moved to Egypt where she spent more than 6 months taking classes and traveling around the country, researching the culture and its connections to dance. Sharing her passion for bellydance with her students is what she loves the most.

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