D2 Dance Studio Code of Conduct

Dance classes and social dance events are places to have fun, make new friends, learn new activities, and socialize. In order to ensure that everyone feels welcome, respected, safe, and comfortable, we are providing some guidelines and standards for behaviour that we expect everyone to follow for the benefit of all dancers.

D2 Dance Studio is a safe place where everyone is welcome, regardless of gender identity, race, physical appearance or ability, age, religion, sexual orientation, dance skill or ability.

We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. This includes homophobic, racist, sexist, aggressive or abusive language or gestures. It also includes unwelcome or inappropriate touching or comments about physical appearance.


Say yes, say no. Stay put or go

Anyone can ask anyone else to dance, regardless of dance role or level of ability. Everyone can also respectfully say No to a dance without obligation or excuse. Please don’t try to pressure or guilt someone into a dance.


As dance instructors often preach, while social dancing please don’t teach

The social dance floor is meant for social dancing. It is not appropriate to critique, give instructions or correct your partner while social dancing. That is the job of qualified dance instructors in a dance class.

Dance to the level of your partner, especially if they are beginners, and make your partner feel comfortable so that they leave the dance floor feeling good about themselves and you as a dance partner. People talk to each other and tell each other who they like as a dance partner, but especially when they don’t like someone as a dance partner. So think about what kind of partner you want to be known as.


Clean and dry, do you know why?

Everyone prefers to dance with partners who smell and look clean and fresh. As dancing is a physical activity, it is always appreciated when we all make the effort to shower, use deodorant, brush our teeth and/or chew gum or mints to freshen your breath. Bring dry clothes to change into if you know that you sweat a lot, use a sweat towel if needed.


Please wash your hands as often as you can

Not just after you use the restroom, but every few dances or more. Remember that you’re touching the hands of partners who have also been touching the hands of many other people too, so you are in effect touching everything that all of those hands have touched. Think about that for a moment…


Don’t be the stranger who puts follows in danger

Leads, take care of your partner on the dance floor by leading them to a safe space on the floor. Look where you send your partner when you are doing turns or cross body leads so they don’t get hit or stepped on. Don’t do dips without asking for your partner’s permission first. Some people may have neck or back problems which will make a dip uncomfortable.

And please refrain from lifting your partner. Those kinds of moves are for dance performers while doing a performance. They are not safe to do on a social dance floor and can result in injuries to your partner or other dancers around you. And all dancers, if you bump or step on someone, make sure to apologize.


If the lady isn’t yours, be careful where you put your paws

Guys, please don’t be that guy who touches woman too intimately on the dance floor. Remember that ladies will talk about you and warn each other not to dance with you. Ladies, you may stop dancing with a partner at any point in a song if they are not respecting your requests to stop any behaviour that is making you uncomfortable.

Don’t feel like you have to endure a dance until the end of the song if you are not comfortable with your partner. You also don’t have to dance more than one song with any given partner and you can stop dancing after one song.


Be kind and polite for everyone’s delight

Thank your dance partners politely after a dance, be respectful and courteous to all of your fellow dancers, and above all, HAVE FUN! After all, that is what social dancing is supposed to be all about!


Thank you,

Jennifer Dancey & Stephen Dancey
D2 Dance Studio